Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY: Depotting Your Favorite Lipstick

Have you ever had that favorite lipstick that you just can't let go of even if it's all melted and the tube is broken already?  If you're answer is yes, don't fret. Depotting is the key!

It's actually very easy to do.  All you need is a spoon, candle, bbq stick, and a small container.  The one shown below is like a contact lens case bought from Beabi.

What you do is to scoop out the lipstick using the bbq stick.  Be sure to do it in small amounts to estimate if it will fit your container.  Place it on the spoon and melt it using your candle.  Do not leave out clumps.  Once melted, carefully place it in the container.  And voila, your lipstick is saved!  

Depotting is very useful especially when you can't leave your precious lipsticks at home.  This will help save a lot of space in your bag.  Make up artists do this as well to save space.

Hope this quick tutorial helps!


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