Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gotta Love: Digital Perm

I've always had by hair relaxed or straightened.  It made my super fine hair more manageable but lack body and bounce.  It took a lot of thinking from my end to try perming my hair.  Eventually I did it, and I was happy with the result.  I look better with perm (and this is my biased comment :P).

Earlier this year, I tried out the conventional way of hair perm.  I went to Salon V Manila, located at P.Noval St. just beside UST.  This salon was also recommended by my cousin since she had her hair done here.  They charged me about 800 pesos to perm my shoulder length hair.  Here is the result:

Pretty decent work for the price noh? :)

After 8 months though, my waves started to get loose and I had a lot of split ends.  I decided to cut my hair because of it.  Fortunately, I found a deal online for a digital perm which costs only 1500 pesos.  I immediately bought one since I knew digiperms are very expensive (the original price was 3000).

Before I go on with my story, let me give you a background on what digital perm is.  A machine with hot rods, in which temperature being monitored is used to curl the hair.  The machine has a digital display, hence the name.  This is also commonly known as hot perm whereas the conventional one is called cold perm.  I recently read an article saying that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, might had a digiperm that's the cause of her great locks.  I was also surprised to know that digiperm is only popular in Asia!  

Going back to my story now.  The salon where I had my hair done was Azta Urban Salon located at Eastwood City.  They have other branches as well, listed in their Facebook page.

Well, are you excited to see what my hair looks like now?  Here you go!

It looks so pretty!  I super love it.  I'm definitely getting a digital perm again.    

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