Sunday, December 11, 2011

Destination: Bacolod

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental.  This is the home of the famous Masskara Festival.  People from Bacolod are known for their sweetness and friendliness and was given the name "City of Smiles" because of this.  

Since Mom is an "Ilongga", this place holds a special place in my heart.  I got to visit my relatives after a very long time who live there earlier this year.  Although I was not able to get a full tour of the city, I would like to share with you some of the take aways that I got.

First is that you have to make sure to visit Chicken House.  This is where the original chicken inasal came from.  Fastfood versions in Manila will never live up to how this delicacy tastes in Bacolod.  The original is the best!  I loved it so much that my uncle sent us a whole chicken when we got back home.  I swear I could it a whole one.

 Namit gid! (Delicious)

So much cheaper than the ones in Manila.  If I remember correctly, it's only about 70 pesos per serving.

People are encouraged to eat here with their hands to enjoy it fully.  Washing stations with soap are available inside.

Since most of my childhood pictures were eaten by termites (sad T_T), we revisited the Bacolod Cathedral where I had a picture before.  

 Facing the Altar

There is also a park infront of the chuch where you can rest and enjoy the view.

My other cousins from Manila also came with us and stayed at Planta Hotel and Residences (walking distance from Chicken House. weeee!). It was an old ice plant that was converted into a hotel.  It has a big function room, pool, restaurant, and most importantly spacious rooms with clean bathrooms.

 Planta Hotel and Residences
Mom at the Lobby of the hotel

We also ate at Aboy's Restaurant. They have super delicious Filipino food. The ambience is very homy.  It also has a big garden outside which brings a cool breeze to where we ate.

 Tito Daniel chillin' with the kids
 Ginataang Pagi (stingray)

Bicol Express 
 Lumpiang Sariwa
 Tea with mint leaf served after eating
The whole gang!

The last stop of any trip is shopping for pasalubongs.  Ate Tin and I went gaga over the many piaya we found from Bongbong's.  This shop has the best piaya of all!  Comes in two flavors, original and ube.  Bongbong's also sell other delicacies such as merengue, pastillas de mangga, and biscocho.  They also sell collectibles like tshirts, keychains, and magnets.

 Shopping with Ate Tin
 Filled up a whole basket!
 Bongbong's Original Piaya
 Bongbong's Ube Piaya
Kuya Rey checking out the shirts

Last but not the least, I crossed out one of the things in my bucket list here; to eat apple flavored ice cream.  Well, it was actually a gelato :P  Found it in one of the coffee shops in SM. 

The best time to go to Bacolod is during the Masskara Festival which is held every October.  Hopefully, I can experience that soon.  

Check their official website (

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  1. I love Bacolod inasal, the sweets and all the foodies! This is what I love about Bacolod and I am looking forward to have a house here in the City!



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