Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashion Spotlight: Veluz Reyes

Yeah, I'm a sucker for weddings and love stories.  I watch SDEs from my favorite videographer (Jason Magbanua) and look at pre nup pictures of celebrities.  My favorite part of a wedding?  Not the saying of "The I do" or "The Kiss".  It's the bride's entrance and seeing her for the first time wearing "The Dress".  I'm girly like that :)

I was "stalking" one celebrity before when I heard she got married.  My pursuit to know who made her gown landed me to Veluz Reyes' blog.  One look and I'm hooked!  I love her creations!  She really brings out the best features of a woman.  I especially love the bodice she creates, making out for classic silhouettes.  The subtle sweetheart necklines.  The intricate lace and beadwork, all to die for.  I was so into her designs that the moment I saw my manager walk down the aisle, I knew instantly she was a Veluz bride.

Now here's me dreaming, hoping one day I could have, and afford, a Veluz gown :P 

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