Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yummy for the Tummy: Estrel's Caramel Cakes

I only had one wish for my birthday this year; to have Estrel's as my birthday cake.  As it turned out, I had two of these cakes within the week.  Yey!

Cake from my loving team :)

Cake from Mom and Dad

Estrel's specialty is their caramel cake.  It's made of chiffon with caramel icing and filling.  They do made-to-order cakes so make sure to place your orders at least two days before.  The cakes are best eaten on the day itself and has a shelf life of about only two days because they do not use any preservatives.

And it's very pretty!  It was so hard for me to ruin the roses on my cake.

The recipe for the cake has always been the same ever since it's establishment  in 1946.  It is also surprising to know that they only bake their cakes in one kitchen to maintain consistency.  Talk about passion for customers, right? :)

You can choose from a variety of cake sizes (round, rectangular, fan, heart).  They also have pre set cake designs but you can create your own and choose the color of flowers that you want.  They accept orders by phone and requires full payment before the pick up day.  Payment can be done via bank deposit.

Their main shop can be found in Scout Tobias, Quezon City.

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