Monday, July 30, 2012

Dress Up 36 -- Shirt Dress

Not everyone has the resources to wear something different each day of the year.  That's why I love reading Laureen Uy's blog.  She is an expert on mixing and matching different clothing items to come up with one great outfit.  I decided to try my hand on it one time.  

I've always wanted to wear this Witchery dress but found it too fitting at the bottom part.  I tried to pair it with pants and viola! new outfit!  I loved how the dress looked like a very classy shirt that I can wear to the office or to any smart casual event.  I'm happy with the result and I can't wait to check out what other stuff I can mix.  Hope you guys like my outfit as well :)

Dress worn as shirt: Witchery
Pants: Kashieca
Shoes: Figlia

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dress Up 35 -- Banana Taipei

Before I start, I'm shortening the titles of my outfit posts.

One Sunday, my family and I went out for brunch; something that we haven't done in a very long time.  I decided to wear something casual and laid back since our day usually entails walking around the mall after eating.

I bought this Love, Bayo blouse a long time ago already.  I love how loose it was, making moving around easier.  Although there's something weird with the right part of this blouse when worn.  Maybe it was how the sleeve was sewn.  Anyway, instead of wearing the blouse button down, I decided to wear it over a tank top.

Blouse: Love, Bayo
Tank Top: Forever 21
Denim Shorts: Forever 21
Flats: Solemate
But the real highlight of this outfit is my new bag!  It's called Banana Taipei, a popular brand in Taiwan.  Me and my buddy stumbled upon this brand a few years ago and we fell in love.  Too bad that during the time our friend was in Taiwan, you have to wait for a month to get one.  The reason behind that; they only produce six bags per day.

So when BF was assigned to go to Taiwan last month, it was on the top of my list for pasalubong.  I had to give him the address on where to buy and thankfully it was near their office in Taipei.  And surprise surprise, he bought 2 bags for me, one was the Honey Camel I requested, the other was the limited edition Banane Yellow.  Happy, happy me! <3 

The bag is made of canvas, with the design of the bag actually printed on it (on all sides even the bottom part).  I like how I can put in a lot of stuff in it and how my iPad easily fits.  Weeee!

As you can see, the design resembles that of the famous Birkin.  I read somewhere that Hermes is actually suing Banane Taipei for stealing their intellectual property.  So now is the time to buy while they are still open for business (but I'm secretly hoping the case won't push through as I would like to have more. Hihihi.)

Visit their website or Facebook fan page to see which colors are available.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 34 -- Rainy Wedding

Over the weekend, I attended the wedding of my team mate Jeric to his long time girlfriend Karen (9 years of togetherness!).  Although it was raining hard the whole morning and some streets were flooded, I still managed to go to the event.  When the rain stopped, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to get out of the house.  Needless to say, I was one of the guests to arrive early :)

Their motif was all Filipino; from the invitation all written in Tagalog, to the  super delicious food served in Kapitan Moy (an old Spanish house in Marikina which I have to tell more about soon).  The male guests were encouraged to wear Barong Tagalog and the ladies modern Filipiniana.

When you say Filipiniana dress, the first thing that comes to my mind is Imelda Marcos.  Her sense of style is very iconic.  But where could I get a terno in a short amount of time without going to a seamstress?  I had to have other options.  Thankfully, I found this dress in Forever 21.  It was not exactly what I had in mind, but the prints of the dress reminded me of something tribal.  Since the Philippines is made up of different indigenous tribes, I think this still qualifies for the theme.

I'm a big fan of high heels but these flats are perfect for the dress.  I also like my matte nail polish (Nail Up, Trinoma).
For some accessories, I immediately thought of Kultura since this store caters to Filipiniana inspired necklaces, rings, bags, etc.  I bought one set but found out it did not match my dress.  What was left was the ring that I was wearing in the photo.
Bangle: Witchery
Ring: Kultura, SM Megamall

Since I have a lot more tools now, I decided to do my own make up for the event.  For the face I used Covergirl Tru Blend Liquid Foundation in 430 and Nichido Final powder.

Thankfully I have my Sleek Make Up palette to help me color my eyes.  I used the glittery colors in the palette since this will be an evening event.  I used Taupe as the base and Moss to build up a more smoky effect.  For my lips I used Nyx Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose.

It was my first time to put on false eyelashes.  Oh, what tedious task!  Hahaha!  But it was worth it because it really helped build up the look I was going for.  How did you like my overall look? :)

PS: Thank you Jeric and Karen for inviting me to be a part of your very special event.  I hope all the best in your marriage.  More love everyday and always :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Cyma Greek Taverna

The month of July marks two special anniversaries in my life (work and personal).  And what's the best way to celebrate?  With food of course.  Before this special personal anniversary day arrived, I was asking around what are the best places to eat.  My team mate recommended I try Cyma.  I've always been curious to try this place ever since the first "Opa!" that I heard.

On that special day, we headed out for Trinoma and Cyma is located at the cinema level along other restaurants around the garden.  Since it was a Monday, there were few people around.  I really like their interiors; it makes you feel you are inside a Greek house.  It's cozy inside too. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling and more on food!  For appetizer, we got Saganaki - Mozzarella or flaming cheese served with garlic bread slices.  And it really was flaming when served.  The waiter literally set the platter on fire and shouted Opa!  Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of him doing that.  Since bf is a big fan of garlic bread, he was very happy with this.

See how the cheese still bubbles after being set on fire :)
For main, I got Pork Souvlaki. It is served with two warm pita breads and yogurt garlic sauce.  I also ordered a side of baked potatoes.  It's super delicious but I wished the pork had been more tender.

Bf ordered the Bifteka or Greek Burger.  It's made of wagyu brahman beef patty, peppered feta cheese, tzatzaki sauce, lettuce, arugula, and tomatoes.  It also comes with a side of baked potatoes.  I must say, the beef and cheese really complemented each other.

Oh, don't forget to get a serving of iced tea.  It's refreshing :)  

Thanks Meg for the recommendation!  We'll definitely go back and try their other specialties.  But it wouldn't hurt to try the real thing right?  Ahem, ahem, Greece vacation! :P

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gotta Love: Solemate

We need to take care of our feet and once in a while. Just let it breathe by taking a break from wearing those sky high heels.  But I know we still do not want to sacrifice fashion for comfort.  The solution: ballet flats.

Plain or printed, cotton or leather, conventional and sometimes bendable, these babies are making a huge comeback.  There are a lot of online shops selling their own designs; the foldable ones are the most popular since these easily fit our handbags.  The biggest mall chain in the country, Shoe Mart (SM), came up with their own, and I believe they are very smart in marketing these items.  Here I introduce you to Solemate.  This is a brand of super cute, but super cheap ballet flats.  Each costs 299 pesos each, but when you buy two pairs, it only costs 399 pesos.  Genius right?

SM initially released plain colored ones and it was a huge hit.  Now they came up with new designs such as floral and denim and I just couldn't resist.  I needed to buy a pair (or four. hahaha!)

Look how adorable these are!  I especially like the denim with the yellow ribbon.  The color just pops!  I can imagine me wearing these with jeans or denim shorts.

And these floral prints makes you think of blooming fields.  It can be paired with a cute dress and instantly make you look very girly.

Check our SM Department Store for more prints.  You'll definitely go gaga over these affordable but fashionable footwear.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Congratulations Milka! #PRP3

I've always thought franchise of Hollywood popular TV series would just turn out cheesy and such a turn off, especially the reality shows.  But Project Runway Philippines proved me so wrong.  I was not really able to follow all of the episodes but the reruns that I was able to watch made me think:  The Filipino designers can make it!

So today I was able to watch the final runway.  Everybody was so good that I felt like watching a real fashion show.  Nel's collection was full of color.  His use of recyclable plastic as part of his collection was genius!  He deserves to design for Rajo's accessory line.  

Cheetah's collection was very fashion forward and over the top.  Some if it scared me a little (haha!) but as the judges said, it is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen.  I love her her clothes from the past challenges, especially the one from Pond's.

Amor's collection was a bit expected but disappointing.  From the other episodes that I watched, he was always the challenge winner and made the best clothes.  I think that for a competition such as this one, a person should take a risk.  Don't get me wrong; Amor's dresses are very girly, womanly even, and are very wearable and marketable.  I can see it being worn on lots of red carpet events.

Now for the winner, Milka.  As the judges said, she knows how to put on a collection.  Her vision and inspiration is clearly seen on the runway.  And it was only something as ordinary as the banana plant.  I really loved it!  The construction is impeccable, and everything is well put together.  It was very clear from me that she deserved this.  Here are my favorites from her.

All images are properties of Project Runway Philippines.  For more hi-res photos and view of the complete collections, visit their website.

Congratulations Milka!  From being a mother selling her dresses online to being the winner of this season is truly inspiring.  I hope to see more of you and hope you bring Filipino fashion to the next level!


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