Monday, July 2, 2012

Congratulations Milka! #PRP3

I've always thought franchise of Hollywood popular TV series would just turn out cheesy and such a turn off, especially the reality shows.  But Project Runway Philippines proved me so wrong.  I was not really able to follow all of the episodes but the reruns that I was able to watch made me think:  The Filipino designers can make it!

So today I was able to watch the final runway.  Everybody was so good that I felt like watching a real fashion show.  Nel's collection was full of color.  His use of recyclable plastic as part of his collection was genius!  He deserves to design for Rajo's accessory line.  

Cheetah's collection was very fashion forward and over the top.  Some if it scared me a little (haha!) but as the judges said, it is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen.  I love her her clothes from the past challenges, especially the one from Pond's.

Amor's collection was a bit expected but disappointing.  From the other episodes that I watched, he was always the challenge winner and made the best clothes.  I think that for a competition such as this one, a person should take a risk.  Don't get me wrong; Amor's dresses are very girly, womanly even, and are very wearable and marketable.  I can see it being worn on lots of red carpet events.

Now for the winner, Milka.  As the judges said, she knows how to put on a collection.  Her vision and inspiration is clearly seen on the runway.  And it was only something as ordinary as the banana plant.  I really loved it!  The construction is impeccable, and everything is well put together.  It was very clear from me that she deserved this.  Here are my favorites from her.

All images are properties of Project Runway Philippines.  For more hi-res photos and view of the complete collections, visit their website.

Congratulations Milka!  From being a mother selling her dresses online to being the winner of this season is truly inspiring.  I hope to see more of you and hope you bring Filipino fashion to the next level!

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