Friday, June 29, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Buffalo's Wings N' Things

I had a phase when I loved to eat chicken wings.  I don't know, maybe it was the satisfaction of getting the meat out of those small bones.  Or it was just simply fun to eat.  So when Deal Grocer had a sale, I did not pass the opportunity to buy some vouchers for Buffalo's Wings N' Things.

I've always been curious about this place when I was searching for some good places to eat.  I was finally able to set the time to try it out and we visited the branch in Jardin de Zenaida at Sgt. Esguerra, QC.

Paper cups, paper plates, and paper towels :)
Although there were few selections from their menu, I was surprised that the prices were really affordable.  We had to consume worth 1000 pesos total.  Here's what we got.

Chili N' Cheese Fries
1/2 pound Garlic Parmesan Wings.  Fries can be ordered as add on as partner for your wings.
1/2 pound Honey BBQ.  Best eaten with Blue Cheese dip.
Dirty Chicken Fingers in Garlic Parmesan sauce
1/2 pound New York's Finest.  This is level 2 of their spicy wings.
New York Cheesecake Ice cream.  Ice cream covered with crunchy crumbs topped with whipped cream and blueberry sauce.
Overall, everything was delicious especially the quesadilla (forgot to take picture).  Their wings were yummy too.  Can't wait for BF to get back so that we can eat here again.

Just a warning though.  If you're gonna eat here, stay outside.  It was a bit smoky inside and my eyes watered several times.


  1. Wow!! The chili fries looks yummy, of course the chicken too!



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