Monday, June 4, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Sumo Sam

I'm really into Japanese food lately.  I've eaten in three different Japanese-themed restaurants in the last month (consecutive weekends, fyi).  First was Teriyaki Boy, which is a fave, but the second weekend, we decided to try the newly opened Sumo Sam restaurant in Gateway Mall.

The interiors feel reserved, a bit classy even.  I have no photo of it but the chairs are so heavy but surprisingly comfortable once you sit on it.

Now for the food.  They served little tuna slices while waiting for your order.  It was juicy and not overcooked, though I wished it had been served warm.

When one eats Japanese, you gotta have rolls, right?  We ordered Crunchy Tuna Roll, and I gotta say, it's the best one I tasted!  The sauce the comes with it is just as good.  Perfect combination :)

For my main, I ordered Pork Katsu Curry Donburi.  It comes with a salad, which is so Asian with sliced oranges and orange-based dressing.  The pork is tender and the curry sauce, well, tastes like curry for the lack of a better word.  My verdict: not amazingly delicious but just right for someone craving like me.

I still wonder how curry can be a part of the menu.  Isn't curry a staple in India? 
BF ordered Katsudon, his favorite which I'm so happy I can make on my own now (see recipe here).  He said Sumo Sam's version is better than Teriyaki Boy's. 

Overall, I think their food is delicious but a bit pricey.  Will I go back?  Definitely for the rolls! :)

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