Monday, January 16, 2012

Chef Frustrations: Katsudon

Konichiwa!  I've always loved Teriyaki Boy's Katsudon.  BF always orders it whenever we eat there.  So it got me thinking, why not try it out for myself. So with Google as my guide, here's my own version.

Ingredients that you'll need:
Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Panko Bread Crumbs

The differentiating factor for this dish is the mirin, Japanese sweet rice wine.  I found one at Rustan's supermarket.

Here are the steps to prepare the tonkatsu, which is deep fried breaded pork.  First, marinate the pork with salt and pepper.

Dip the pork in flour, beaten eggs, and bread crumbs.  Fry until golden brown then cut it into strips.

Next prepare the broth.  Since I can't find dashi anywhere and it's hard to make one,  I just used Knorr Beef Cube (as advised by my good friend Richard).  Prepare 4 cups of water and dissolve the buillon cube.  Add in about 2/3 cup of Kikkoman soy sauce and 1 cup of mirin.  Add in the leeks, strips of nori, and onions.  Bring to a boil then set aside.

To assemble,  place about half a cup of the onion mixture in a pan.  Place in one beaten egg.  Stir once and wait until egg is cooked.  Place the slices of pork on top of cooked rice.  Top with the egg mixture.

This is a bit time consuming since I did it one serving at a time.  The result: a whopping 8/10 rating from bf.  Good enough for my first time!



  1. Great job! :D Definitely looks tasty and yummy :D Just wishing that this finds its way to the office somehow.

    Coincidentally, Meg also gave me a brand-spanking-new bottle of Hon Mirin this morning. I'm thinking that she wants me to make Sukiyaki, or something related. HAHAHAHA.

  2. hahaha! Thanks Cards! Will try to bring one to the office, that is, if I magically wake up early :P



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