Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Seven Corners Buffet Lunch

Of all the buffets that I tried, this I can say is the best I have ever been to.  First time I tried it, really loved overall experience.

Seven Corners is located at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, just beside Robinson's Galleria.  Why the name, you might ask?  Based from what I read, this is because of the seven interactive kitchens that they set up.  But for me, it can be summed up into American, Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Desserts and Appetizers, and Bread.  I'll take you through each one as I share with you some of the pictures that I took.

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by the different assortment of mouthwatering desserts.  They have a 3-foot chocolate fountain in which you can dip cookies and marshmallows into (ok, not really hygienic so they placed a scooper).  They also have an ice cream station; you can choose which flavor and toppings you like and they can mash it up for you into one creamy goodness (forgot to take picture of the ice cream station.sorry.)

To your left, you will see what I called the Bread Station.  Here you can choose different kinds of bread, jam, and butter.  They even have a cheese tray!  I have not seen that many cheeses together in my entire life.  I don't even know all of their names.  Haha!

Swiss, Cheddar, what else?  Help me name them all.
This station also has make-your-own gourmet pizza though I was not able to try it.  I just settled to the one already prepared which is delicious.  It does not taste anything like the commercial pizza of the popular fast food chains.  Is this how it tastes in Italy? 

My pizza and cheese plate.  Ate the cheese with grapes ala Ratatouille. 
Past these two, you'll now be taken to the appetizers section.  I literally went drooling over the array of salads and cold cuts served.  I love salad (bf calls me a goat because of it).  And their Caesar Salad lived up to my expectation.  I helped myself to one plateful.  Yummy!

Above the appetizers, are the seafood.  Bf and I took advantage of this and got so many lobster tails (first time to eat lobster) and shrimps which we had cooked with butter.  I'm not a fan of oysters but they have those as well.

My first lobster: heaven!
Next comes the Japanese section.  Here they have prepared different kinds of maki.  I liked the one with tuna and mayonnaise on top.

Beside that is the Indian station.  It has limited dishes, unfortunately.  I was able to try the Chicken Tandoori and Naan bread.

My Japanese and Indian plate.
The Thai section is up next.  Here you can have them cook different noodle dishes.  Since it's too heavy for me, I just settled into taking pictures instead.

Then comes the Italian section wherein the cook can whip up your favorite pasta in minutes.  A menu is already set so all you need to do is choose.  Pasta was again too heavy so I was not able to try one.

After that comes the American section.  Bf really enjoyed this.  The reason: US Rib Eye Steak.  He is a big meat lover so this is his station.  He was able to eat two pieces (his appetizer and dessert :P).

They also serve other meats and sausages.  When I ate here last year, I remember they had lamb chops.  This place also has the best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted.  It's so creamy for something made out of real potatoes.

Looks familiar?  See our German Noche Buena here
We have now come to a full turn as I show you my dessert plate.  As someone with a sweet tooth, I was looking forward to try it out.  Quite frankly, I was disappointed.  Out of all that I got, the black forest was the one that tasted best.  The dark chocolate mousse comes second.

Other food that they have are soup, steamed vegetables, and the only Filipino dish, lechon.

I'm not really sure of the exact price of the buffet lunch.  The first time we ate here, we bought a coupon from Deal Grocer.  This latest one was a gift from BF (thanks taba, you're the best!) and he wouldn't exactly say how much.  Based from trusty Google, it costs about 1400-1500 pesos per person.  A bit pricey but worth your money.

I'll definitely save up to have this again!

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