Friday, January 6, 2012

Destination: Magical Bohol (Day 2)

Here is the next installment of the Bohol trip that my friends and I had.  This day was set to be spent on water after our land tour the previous day.

We had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning for the dolphin watching.  It was raining when we woke up.  We had to wait for the rain to stop and was able to set sail at around 6 AM.

At first I thought that we'll be stopping in the middle of the sea and wait for the dolphins to jump around.  It was different than what I expected.  We had to chase the dolphins.  It was so much fun trying to be the first to spot them.

nearest shot that I got

After dolphin watching, we headed to Balicasag Island, Bohol's marine sanctuary.  Here you can snorkel and dive.  You can also have your lunch and the locals living on the island can prepare your food.

Balicasag's snorkeling site is the best that I have been to so far.  The area is cordoned, so only small boats with no motor can take you to the middle.  Be sure to bring or rent aqua socks since there are lots of corals and you might get scratched if not wearing one.

Newest fashion trend :P
As the snorkel site is only 3-4 feet deep, there is no need to wear life jackets. Keep one near though since at the edge of the cordoned area, the reef would drop.  It's like you're on top of a mountain :)  Good thing my friend was able to borrow an underwater cover for her camera so we were able to take some shots.

This is at the edge where the cliff starts.  See how blue the water is.
My underwater shot :)
After having brunch, we went to Virgin Island.  It is the longest sand bar I have seen!  Here you see just a whole stretch of water.  Very pretty!

I'm holding Patrick Star's cousin :P
Unfortunately, boyfriend stepped on a sea urchin (ouch!) so we had to go back to the boat.  The rest of the gang continued on to the other end of the sand bar.  Here is their awesome photo!

Photo credits: Jam Santos
By the way, we stayed at Isis Bungalows in Panglao.  It is a beach front resort and has spacious rooms (and bathrooms!).  Since the rooms are bungalow types, you can have a feeling of privacy and seclusion.

We arrived back at the resort after lunch.  Spent some time chillin' at the beach.

After taking some time to freshen up, the girls and I went walking along the beach to take pictures.  Perfect way to end the day!

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