Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yummy For The Tummy: Sentro

The past holidays were all about friends and family.  Almost everyday of my one week break were full of meet ups and dine outs.  

We met up with old office mates at Sentro 1771 Greenbelt.  This restaurant specializes in Filipino dishes, but with a twist.  It's only my second time to eat there (first one was back in 2007).  Here's what we ordered.

For appetizer, we ordered Fried Kesong Puti (made from carabao's milk).  I'm not sure if I really liked it because I like the cheese to be salty.  I guess it was ok.

This is the house specialty, Sinigang na Corned Beef.  This one I liked very much.  Be sure to order this early since it runs out fast!  We were only able to order one serving.

Crispy Pork Spareribs
Among all of the main dishes that we ordered, this one is my favorite.  It's so yummy even without the dipping sauce.

Here's the rest of what we ate.

Tilapia Fillet in Coconut Milk
Fried Chicken Cutlets
Garlicky Adobo
Ok, this is not part of the menu, but you are too cute and I just wanna gobble you up!!!

I had a good dining experience overall.  The food were delicious but pricey (about 500 per head).  I think I'll only eat here for super special occasions.  But it was indeed special, because of the friends we spent the day with.

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