Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gotta Love: Primadonna

Most girls are already familiar with this brand because of their new and revamped styles for shoes.  It also helped that they have numerous online campaigns and got Anne Curtis as their endorser, her being seen on television everyday.  Other bloggers that I follow are swearing by this brand, given the new spunk that they give the usual pumps or sandals.

For months now, I haven't brought myself to buy one.  Not that I don't like it, but because most of their stuff are really good and I want to buy them all!!!  So when I promised my sister I'll buy her one for her birthday, I said, what the heck, I'll get one for myself as well.  So lucky that they have a promo where you get the second pair at 30% off!

After trying on a lot of styles, we decided to get these ones.  The first one is what my sister got.  She was actually looking wedges.  This one gave the same vibe but the chunky heel made all the difference.

What I got was from their newest collection.  I'm all about color and style.  Yung mga tipong mahirap ternohan.  Hehehe.

Can't wait to actually wear them on Saturday! Weeeee!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gotta Love: Solemate (2)

I was only supposed to get dad's ticket for the game in SM but bf and I "unintentionally" passed by the department store.  These colorful babies caught my eye!  So after spending about 20 minutes choosing and fitting (with the help of my ever understanding bf, hihihi) I was able to buy these uber cute pairs.

Ok, these are not all colorful.  I had to buy some neutral ones that I can use everyday.  Plain, but still cute :)

Polka Dot and Gray
This season is all about neons and bright colors.  These two are definitely in the bag for me.  Pink and red ones are also available but unfortunately, I have no size.  If you see one in size 6, please get me both.  I promise to pay you :)

Lime and Light Blue
Remember, these only costs 2 for Php 399!  Grab yours while stocks lasts!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nail Art: Chevron

Got excited when I saw this nail art tutorial over Youtube.  I said to myself, hey, I can do that.  All I needed was some clear tape and zigzag scissors and I was good to go!

But dear me, it was hard to do!  The tape kept rolling so it was hard to cut it up.  And I think I placed way to much polish on the tape so it was sticking out of my nail.  The tape kept snagging on my clothes and hair, so some of the design already fell out the next day.  I had to remove it after three days because it does not look good anymore.  Still, I had a fun time doing it.

Anyway, practice makes perfect!  I'll definitely try this again someday.  But for now, let me share with you the video tutorial for this nail art.  Hope you liked it and watch out for my next posts! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dress Up 39 -- Sandy

Sandy Olsson, that is, from the 1978 movie Grease.  I'm such a fan of this movie.  Who wouldn't be, right?  They are so adorable!

Sandy is definitely my inspiration for this outfit.  She was the first one I thought of when I saw this skirt in one of the racks in Forever 21.  Good thing they have a very wide selection of clothes so I was able to spot this polka dot blouse to go with it.

Blouse and Skirt: Forever 21

If I was wearing sneakers, I could be singing "You're the One that I Want" straight out of the movie.  Hahaha!  But my pumps would have to do for now (office attire again).  This got me excited to watch the movie.  Time to download!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dress Up 38 -- Movie Wedding

Two weeks after the rainy wedding, I attended another one.  Yes, it was still raining that day but thankfully, it was not as hard as the previous week (thus, the indoor shots).  The theme was all about the movies; from the invitation fashioned like a movie ticket, down to the super cute cupcakes shaped as popcorn buckets (sorry, I didn't have any camera with me).  It was a day filled with love and big sunny smiles from the couple celebrating seven years of being together despite the gloomy weather.  Cheers Cholo and Rose!

Now on to my outfit.  I remembered that my aunt gave me this maxi dress but didn't know where I'll be wearing it.  I initially planned to trim down the length since it was too long for me.  Thankfully I didn't and was able to wear it to the event.

Thank you Tita Sarah for the dress and the accessories that I wore.  Super loved everything! 

PS: I only used a camera phone to take the shots.

Maxi Dress: Witchery
Bangles: Witchery

Purse: People are People

Monday, August 13, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Pancake House

My whole family went out to brunch one Sunday last month (I know, overdue post already).  I was craving for some comfort food so I suggested we eat at Pancake House.  Besides pancakes, this restaurant specializes in home-cooked style meals.

To start things off, we ordered soup and salad.  I was always a fan of their Warm Bacon Potato Salad.  Mom ordered Almondigas soup.

Almondigas Soup
Warm Bacon Potato Salad
It has been a long time since I last ate here so I was surprised to see new items on their menu.  They now have brown rice dishes for those who would like a healthier option.

Salmon Cakes with Brown Rice Tabbouleh
Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf
They also offer fish and chips but I opted to get the Chicken and Veggie Casserole.  A warm, creamy, and cheesy treat for my tummy!

Chicken and Veggie Casserole
We also got some of their staple main courses like Fish Rolls and Classic Pan Chicken.  We also got Mashed Potato as an extra side dish.  We loved the potato so much that we got two orders :)

Fish Rolls with Garlic Mayo dip
Classic Pan Chicken
Mashed Potato with Gravy

Pancake House also offer a variety of fruit juice and shakes.  Mom got Carrot Shake.  It tasted weird.  Hahaha!  But then again, I really do not like uncooked carrots.  I liked the Calamansi juice better which was served with syrup as sweetener.

Carrot Shake and Calamansi Juice
Of course, no meal is complete without desserts!  We got their Luscious Lemon Pancake Tower and Banana Split.  They really have the best pancakes in town.  It was so moist and the lemon flavor gave it a sweet and sour kick.

I always ended up with a full belly whenever I eat at Pancake House and this day was no exception.  This is really the best place to eat with the whole family.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nail Art: Marble

One of my first posts in this blog is about our nail polish collection.  I've always been a fan of coloring my nails but have been too lazy to get a manicure.  I think I got a little bit bored with just plain colors on my nails.  But then, due to my sister's overly curious mind, stumbled upon some fancy nail art.  It got me excited as I was not a fan of nail art before but I really need to have an artistic outlet.  If I can't paint on a canvass right now, might as well do it on nails.

It was my first time to do this design so forgive me if my nails are messy.  I do not have the most steady set of hands so I guess I have to practice more. With that said, nail art is definitely going to be a main stay in my blog and I can't wait to try out more designs.  

Anyway, enough rambling.  Here's some pictures of what me and my sister's nails looked like with the marble effect.

My sister's nails with Eeyore-inspired colors

I have a thing for pink and yellow together.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dress Up 37 -- College

If we did not have a uniform back in college, this is how I'll probably dress up.  Comfy shirt, pants, shoes, and a very cool bag.

Shirt: Bayo
Pants: Kashieca

I've always loved bags.  I can't help it! :)  I buy a bag first because of how it looks.  Functionality comes second.  I know, it's a bad habit.  Hahaha!  But this HoneyBadger satchel that I bought from Studio Boheme is both pretty and functional.  I bought this bag during an auction sale that they had.  It was an old stock already but still in very good condition.  

Studio Boheme can customize however you want your bag to be.  They already produced some very good designs and photos are posted in their Facebook fan page.  I'm thinking of customizing one for myself.  What design do you think suits me? :)


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