Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dress Up 38 -- Movie Wedding

Two weeks after the rainy wedding, I attended another one.  Yes, it was still raining that day but thankfully, it was not as hard as the previous week (thus, the indoor shots).  The theme was all about the movies; from the invitation fashioned like a movie ticket, down to the super cute cupcakes shaped as popcorn buckets (sorry, I didn't have any camera with me).  It was a day filled with love and big sunny smiles from the couple celebrating seven years of being together despite the gloomy weather.  Cheers Cholo and Rose!

Now on to my outfit.  I remembered that my aunt gave me this maxi dress but didn't know where I'll be wearing it.  I initially planned to trim down the length since it was too long for me.  Thankfully I didn't and was able to wear it to the event.

Thank you Tita Sarah for the dress and the accessories that I wore.  Super loved everything! 

PS: I only used a camera phone to take the shots.

Maxi Dress: Witchery
Bangles: Witchery

Purse: People are People

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