Monday, August 6, 2012

Dress Up 37 -- College

If we did not have a uniform back in college, this is how I'll probably dress up.  Comfy shirt, pants, shoes, and a very cool bag.

Shirt: Bayo
Pants: Kashieca

I've always loved bags.  I can't help it! :)  I buy a bag first because of how it looks.  Functionality comes second.  I know, it's a bad habit.  Hahaha!  But this HoneyBadger satchel that I bought from Studio Boheme is both pretty and functional.  I bought this bag during an auction sale that they had.  It was an old stock already but still in very good condition.  

Studio Boheme can customize however you want your bag to be.  They already produced some very good designs and photos are posted in their Facebook fan page.  I'm thinking of customizing one for myself.  What design do you think suits me? :)

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