Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Yabu The House of Katsu

I have been hearing some great feedback regarding this restaurant from my foodie team mates and they have been making kulit for me to try this out.  I finally gave in, and one Saturday in Megamall, bf and I headed for Yabu.

It was lunchtime and I was surprised that we were still able to secure a table and fast.  The place was jam packed with all sorts of people; families, barkadas, couples, young and old.  Even spotted some foreigners.  This place must be really good.

I was kinda lost with the menu, me being a newbie.  It took sometime to browse through until I decided to try the Tonkatsu Set and bf got the Katsudon Set (his favorite, of course!).  There was a choice of what pork cut you like.  We both got Hire, the one without a layer of fat.  Both sets come with miso soup, Japanese pickles, bowl of fruit, and unlimited rice and cabbage with sesame dressing.  Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water!

Every restaurant has a trick to entertain their guests.  For Yabu, it comes with ordering their famous katsu.  They first served a bowl with lots of different seeds in it which is for the katsu sauce.  The waiter explained how to properly crush it, with circular motions using the wood pestle.  After that place one to two scoops of the sauce which is inside the fancy bowl on the table.

And so our food arrived and it looks super yummy!  I'm not a big fan of miso soup but their version is not bad at all.  The sesame dressing is just perfect for the shredded cabbage and I sure made most of it being unlimited.  Hihi :P

If this is what katsu should taste like, what have I been eating all my life?!  It is just divine.  It has the perfect combination of crunch and tenderness.  It melts in my mouth! 

Bf's katsudon is unlike the traditional. This comes with fish flakes and egg sunny side up.  His verdict: the best katsudon he tasted next to my version (Ok, I just added the last one. Hahaha!).  According to him, the fish and the egg made all the difference.

I just have to warn you, it is a bit pricey.  Our total bill is a little over 700 pesos for two sets.  But if you ask me, it is worth it.  If you have a little extra saved and you want to treat yourself to something new, try Yabu.  It deserves all the hype it is getting right now :)

Yabu is located at the Atrium of SM Megamall.


  1. ive read a lot about this. hope to try soon

  2. Hi KM/KMC/Trina! :)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review of Yabu. We hope you visit us again soon to try our dishes!

    The Yabu Team

    1. Yes!!! I plan to in the near future. More power to you guys! :)



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