Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 32 -- Sunset

"You are sunlight and I moon..."  I don't know why this line came to my mind when I thought of the title of this post.  It has nothing to do with Miss Saigon but my outfit do look like the sky during sunset.

The blouse is a bit see-through so I wore a black bandeau underneath.  I like how this went well with the pants.  I bet this will go perfectly with shorts as well.

I said to myself that I need to buy more pants for work.  And this pair is just perfect, even though BF says it looks like a pajama.  Hahaha!  Anyway, I like how the waistline is made with garter instead of zipper; it makes moving easier and the fit better.  I'm not sure what fabric was used but it was a bit smooth and light.  Both of these pieces were bought at Forever 21.

Hope you like my outfit! :)

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