Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dress Up 35 -- Banana Taipei

Before I start, I'm shortening the titles of my outfit posts.

One Sunday, my family and I went out for brunch; something that we haven't done in a very long time.  I decided to wear something casual and laid back since our day usually entails walking around the mall after eating.

I bought this Love, Bayo blouse a long time ago already.  I love how loose it was, making moving around easier.  Although there's something weird with the right part of this blouse when worn.  Maybe it was how the sleeve was sewn.  Anyway, instead of wearing the blouse button down, I decided to wear it over a tank top.

Blouse: Love, Bayo
Tank Top: Forever 21
Denim Shorts: Forever 21
Flats: Solemate
But the real highlight of this outfit is my new bag!  It's called Banana Taipei, a popular brand in Taiwan.  Me and my buddy stumbled upon this brand a few years ago and we fell in love.  Too bad that during the time our friend was in Taiwan, you have to wait for a month to get one.  The reason behind that; they only produce six bags per day.

So when BF was assigned to go to Taiwan last month, it was on the top of my list for pasalubong.  I had to give him the address on where to buy and thankfully it was near their office in Taipei.  And surprise surprise, he bought 2 bags for me, one was the Honey Camel I requested, the other was the limited edition Banane Yellow.  Happy, happy me! <3 

The bag is made of canvas, with the design of the bag actually printed on it (on all sides even the bottom part).  I like how I can put in a lot of stuff in it and how my iPad easily fits.  Weeee!

As you can see, the design resembles that of the famous Birkin.  I read somewhere that Hermes is actually suing Banane Taipei for stealing their intellectual property.  So now is the time to buy while they are still open for business (but I'm secretly hoping the case won't push through as I would like to have more. Hihihi.)

Visit their website or Facebook fan page to see which colors are available.

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