Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gotta Love: Dress Up 3 -- First Love

The first clothing brand that I patronized since I was in high school was Bayo.  The word came from and Ilonggo term that means dress.  It's also a spin off from the term "baro". 

I think I was mainly attracted before to buy because the endorser was Lea Salonga (idol!).  And their stores look so posh and smells nice. Hehehe.  Over the years though, the price of their clothing increased and the styles were not my type anymore.  Until recently, they launched their new line called Love, Bayo with Jasmine Curtis as their endorser. Target for this line are those that are young and trendy, much like Jasmine.  

Top: Love, Bayo
Pants: Herbench
Shoes: Janeo
Bag: Bayo

I'm really excited on what designs they'll come up with in the future.  I guess, first love never dies :)

For see more designs and latest styles, visit their website.  Bayo ships internationally.

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