Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gotta Love: Dress Up 1 -- Favorite

I always knew I had a kikay side. During high school, when everyone else was wearing tshirts, I would wear a blouse.  I would wear skirts when my friends would be sporting jeans.  I love to wear dangling earrings and bangles.  It was just now that I feel I know what my fashion sense is.  

Since I'm (a bit) chubby, I did not take it as something that should be preventing me to look and feel good about myself.  My motto: wear something comfortable without sacrificing style.  Fat does not equal to loose clothing.

My wardrobe staples:
1. High heels
2. Flats
3. Good pair of jeans
4. Mini skirt
5. Lots of dresses!

Here's one of my favorites:

I bought the dress from Freeway and shoes from Charles and Keith.  Both items were on sale :)

Now it's your turn to share your fashion mantra!


  1. the shoe doesn't fit the dress

  2. Hi anonymous! Thank you for your feedback. :)



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