Monday, March 24, 2014

Gotta Love: Ingga Sandals

The end of March usually signals the start of the summer in the country.  Although it has been drizzling in the last couple of days, it's never too early to start planning for the warm, or should I say, hot days to come.  Summer = sandals season!

I remembered my friend posted this interesting DIY sandals in Instagram and decided to check it out.  It's called Ingga Sandals.  And you know me, I love anything DIY!  I was supposed to order one last year but at that time, they ran out of my size.  Last week, I revisited their page and a day after my payment, got my sandals.  Weeee!

When ordering, you will receive the sole plus three pairs of ties of your preference.  I ordered two extra ties at 60 pesos each (because I can't choose of which three to get).  You will also receive instructions on their basic designs but you can let your artistic side out.  You can mix and match the ties, wrap it around your feet any way you want to.  The possibilities are endless!

(c) KM Cunanan

I tried several of the designs and placed a spin on one of the basic ones.  Please forgive my ugly feet but I was really proud of myself for the cute designs I tried.  Hihihi!

For sure, your sandals will be perfect for your next summer getaway.  Don't forget to pair it with an awesome dress, shorts, even bikinis!  Happy designing girls!

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