Monday, January 14, 2013

Yummy for the Tummy: The Burger Project

Hello everyone! Happy 2013!  I hope the new year has been treating you good.  The past month has just been crazy for me.  We had close a lot of work before our service shutdown for the holidays.  And boy, was I glad for the holidays.  I just couldn't wait to stay inside the house and just do nothing.  Weird thing though.  When I was in the house, I was so bored and would like to just get out!  And so I asked my bf, sister, and her bf if we could go out and eat somewhere (coz that's what the holidays are for, right).  I was in the mood to try something new so when my sister mentioned Maginhawa St. in Quezon City, it hit me.  I said we have to go the The Burger Project.  I've heard about this from my team mate and since bf is a big burger fan, I insisted we go.

The Burger Project is a quaint little shop along Maginhawa, a place well known for the different restaurants that line up the street.  At this restaurant, you will be able to choose how you like your burger and what toppings you would like on it.  Exciting, right?

First thing to do when entering is to get your order form at the counter.  After filing up the form, proceed to the counter to pay and wait for your name to be called.  And then, enjoy your burger :) 

They not only have a variety of toppings, but have different choices for burger patty as well.  You can choose from 100% Angus, 100% beef, chori, chicken, or tofu.  They also have different types of bun (sesame seed, potato, oatmeal, or brioche).  Next comes the cheese, premium toppings like bacon and onion rings, basic toppings like lettuce and tomatoes.  You can even choose to have different sauces on your burger.  If you don't feel like choosing for your own, you can try their different predesigned burgers.

For my order, I got the following: 100% beef in sesame seed bun, topped with egg, lettuce, bacon, and cheese sauce, with a side order of onion rings.  I named my burger "First Time" since it was my first time to go there.  We had heaps of laughter when the server called out the name of our burgers!  Totally unexpected!

"First Time"
I super loved the burger I created.  The patty was juicy, grilled just right.  The toppings that I choose also complemented each other.  The saltiness of the cheese sauce provided enough kick to get my taste buds going.  Really, really, delicious. And the onion rings are just divine as well as the fries.

"Burjer": Potato bun, 100% Beef, Chili, Lettuce, Caramelized Onions, Jalapeno, Garlic Cream Cheese
"Libre": Sesame seed bun, 100% Beef, Onions, Lettuce, Cheese, Egg, BBQ sauce
"Try Try Lang": Sesame seed bun, 100% beef, Garlic cream cheese, Pesto, Jalapeno, Egg, Bacon
One burger would cost about 200 pesos on average but the price is dependent on the number of toppings you will choose but I guarantee, it's so worth it.  I highly recommend this place, not only for burger lovers, but for everyone.  The experience was such a treat!  Definitely going back to whip up something new and maybe I'll call it "Second Time", "Third Time", "Fourth Time"... 

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