Thursday, January 24, 2013

Online Shopping @ Zalora

Online shopping has taken new heights in the Philippines.  Lots of online shops boomed from nowhere, offering different and even more affordable products in the market.  Some even offer customized ones to make yours unique and one of a kind.  More and more people are enjoying hassle free, always on shopping, a convenience very much appreciated especially of employees like me who are working on European or North American shifts and malls are already closed after work. 

But remember, we must be careful (with my heart.  Hahaha!  Sorry, watching the show while blogging) when choosing which shops to buy from.  I abide by these rules when buying online: read first past testimonials of other customers regarding their service and make sure they offer bank payment options.  Or better yet, choose online shops that are big and popular like Zalora.  

I have been seeing their ads everywhere; from Facebook, other blogs, even TV.  Their tote bags have been calling me, and since I need a laptop bag, decided to check out their website.  And I can say, navigation is easy.  There are lots of categories to filter out what you are really looking for.  Product details and descriptions are also available.  There was one product I was looking at that did not have enough info so I decided to call their hotline.  The agent was very helpful and friendly, and was able to get the info I needed.  Zalora also offers different payment terms like credit card, online banking, over the counter, even cash on delivery.  Free delivery for total purchases amounting to 1000 pesos and above.  And if after delivery, you are not satisfied with your product, they offer return policy within 30 days.  What more can you ask for? :)

Sooooooo, I was really excited to get my package last Saturday (fast service as well since I ordered last Wednesday).  Here are the pics.  Enjoy and take advantage of their ongoing sale!

CLN Reversible Tote Bag (ok, not really gonna be used as the laptop bag I originally intended to buy, but this one is so pretty!)
Mia Casa LOVE bracelet

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