Monday, October 22, 2012

Destination: Casa Ibiza

I bought this voucher for a resort in Antipolo from Ensogo (yeah, I'm really into buying good deals online).  It says that the package was good for 10 people; I bought this with my friends in mind, but unfortunately, some had work conflicts during the time we had to leave.

It was my first time to go to this part of Antipolo, so my friends and I kinda had an adventure looking for the place.  Casa Ibiza is situated in a residential area.  Although the instructions found in the website were easy to follow, we missed the resort the first time because the gate looked like an entrance to a subdivision.  After about an hour of drive from Quezon City, we finally arrived and gave ourselves a pat on the back for not getting that lost.  

A kalesa greeted us at the gate.  I'm not really sure if this fits the feel of the resort since it's supposed to be Mexican-inspired.

I was preparing myself to not expect much because I read a bad review about the resort.  But I was really surprised when we got there.  The villa assigned to us was huge and it can really fit 10 people.  Upon entering, there was a living room, spacious enough for us to play Kinect.  There was also a dining area with a working refrigerator.  Going up, there was one master bedroom with a queen sized bed, and two other rooms with single beds and pull outs.  The resort also prepared extra beds because they were expecting us to be complete (we were only five at that time).  Towels were already provided.  These were not ordinary towels; these were the microfiber kind which absorbs water.  It was the first resort I've been to which used this kind.  Anyway, it was really a good deal and I think the blog that I read before did not do an early research which led to his bad review.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the room but there are some that can be seen in their website.

Colorful villas with a Mexican theme

We went out to dinner since the food served at the restaurant were a bit pricey. A lot of restaurants can be found 5-10 minutes away from the resort.  After dinner, we decided to have some pool time.  The pool is located just right outside the villa.  The water was cold during the night given Antipolo's location.  But it was very clean and we had a lot of fun bonding while swimming.

Adult pool (4-5 ft)
Kiddie pool
The only downside of the trip was the free breakfast that came with the package.  Good thing there were only five of us and we got to have two servings each.

A gazebo can be found at the very end of the resort which is perfect for holding special occasions.  I read somewhere that a wedding was already held there.

Overall, I can say I had a good time and I recommend this for a quick getaway.  The place is very relaxing and quiet, perfect for families with kids, where they run around and breathe fresh air and leave the hustle and bustle of the metro.  

For more information on Casa Ibiza, do check out their website here.

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