Saturday, October 27, 2012


"Shout out to all the fans we have in the Philippines.  Can't wait to come visit."  A simple tweet that made me go gaga the whole day.  Really, a Kardashian coming to the country?!  I could just die!  I love each and every member of their family and getting a chance to just even see one of them is a dream come true.  

Upon learning that Kylie and Rob are going to walk for Human for the Philippine Fashion Week, I scoured the internet to learn where I can get tickets for it.  I even texted some friends to see if they have extra tickets.  No luck.  Then Human announced that fans can get passes to the show upon purchasing some items for a minimum amount.  Ack, no extra money now.  But then, one day after that, Human posted via Twitter that they will hold a contest for a chance to meet and greet Kylie and Rob!!!  All they have to do is to take a picture of yourself wearing a Human Genes item and post it.  Now that I can do.  Thank goodness we have some clothes available.  My sister was practically begging me to come home early so that we can join.  Lo and behold, our entries for the contest, taken at 1 in the morning.

And yeah, my sister won!  Now I'm waiting for her to get home to tell me all about the juicy details. 

PS.  Thanks BF for taking our pictures and for being patient with us.  Mwah!

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