Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gotta Love: Red Lipsticks

Finding the perfect lip color is like finding your bestfriend (hahaha!).  For me, it came in the color red.  I've been afraid to try bold lip colors so I always bought either pink or brown tones.  I find it ok for me but these shades do not provide the coverage I wanted.  I guess it's because my upper lip is a bit darker than my lower lip.  Gaaah!

So anyway, one afternoon, I find myself staring at Anne Curtis' Instagram account, and I said, hey why not try red?  With the help of my friends on Facebook, almost everybody recommended I get Russian Red from MAC.  After a bit of research and trusting their suggestion I bought one and yes, it was just perfect for me.  Instant love!  The shade provides the coverage I wanted.  And it's matte too, which I really like, so it looks like my natural lip color.

No make up other than Russian Red lipstick selfie at 8 AM.  Eyebags!
For this post, I'm featuring another red color but which I borrowed.  It's my sister's Ronnie Red shade, from the MAC Archie's Collection.  This color is brighter than Russian Red, more fun and flirty, just like it's namesake Veronica. Perfect for casual Fridays in the office.  Totally in love with it too!

Ronnie Red on TGIF!

Russian Red vs Ronnie Red

Russian Red vs Ronnie Red
Now I'm on a hunt for more.  I actually preordered another set from a different brand, but it will be arriving sometime June.  Can't wait but I promise to share it will y'all soon. 

PS: Apologies for the selfies.  Been too lazy to pick up my SLR lately.  Camera phone is much more accessible :P

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