Monday, May 7, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 29 -- Soft Rock

I've been dying to create an outfit post for this simple but pretty sleeveless blouse.  The color is so rich and girly.  Plus points that the fabric is light, great for the hot weather.

Blouse: Witchery
Jeggings: Giordano
But why do you ask, I had a jacket on?  It was a last minute decision because I saw that the jacket matched the shoes I had on.  It was air conditioned in the office anyway so I had the perfect excuse to wear it.

I've actually had this jacked for quite sometime now.  It looks a bit like someone from a Korean boy band would wear.  But I just love the zipper and shoulder detail.  See how it is when closed.  I love to pair it with anything; blouses, dresses, you name it.  It's my most versatile jacket I have in my closet.

Jacket: Missy 

Never thought I would end up looking like a rock chic.  It's just not my style. :P  I like the end result though.

Studded bootie: Parishian

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