Monday, May 21, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Cajun Red Rock

I have not been blogging as much as I want to lately.  Had of things happening in April and May with personal events and work.  And so I thought, what better way to be back than to write about my favorite restaurant.

No, I haven't been eating here forever.  I just discovered Cajun about 4 years ago when my aunt and I had lunch in Megamall one day.  Back then, they were still located at the back of Building B.  I had the most mouthwatering ribs, and the most delicious drink.  

The most amazing thing is, when I mentioned this to BF, he said there was a similar restaurant near their house (just walking distance) in Retiro which sounded the same where he had a very delicious burger.  I was happy to discover we were just referring to one resto.  The Retiro branch was the first one created.

And so we had become a regular in the Retiro branch, that when Kuya Paul transferred to the newly moved Megamall Atrium branch, he recognized us.  And has been greeting us every time we pass by.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, more of the food!  Here's what we ordered the last time we ate here.

For starters we had Stuffed Bacon and Cheese Rolls.  If I remember correctly, the bacon was a new addition to the cheese rolls which I did not enjoy before.  Good thing they added bacon which made it more delicious.  The salsa goes very well with it.

As for my order, yep you guessed it right, Jack Daniel Ribs!  So yummy!  For the main courses, you have an option to choose two sides.  I had my regular Saffron Rice but this time I chose Buttered Veggies instead of Hash Brown (which is as delicious btw).

The ribs are so moist and tender, it literally tear off the bones!  They offer other sauces too, but JD is my favorite.  The best mixture of sweet, sour, and peppery.

Cajun is famous for their burgers too.  You can have an option to make your burger one pound, perfect for meat lovers.  You can also opt to make it a volcano, where there is a hole in the middle that is filled up with onion rings. Just thinking about it makes me crave.

BF, being the meat lover that he is, ordered Southern Bacon Cheese burger.  The meat is also moist, and the bread goes well with the whole thing.  It also served with fries and dip.

For drinks, my favorite is Tony's Special.  What is interesting about this drink is that it is served with two flavors (one is strawberry, I think) separate in one glass that you have to mix before drinking.  My advice is to let the ice melt for a little bit, it is much more delicious when super cold.

Other choices that I recommend are their hand tossed log pizzas, Pork Steak Jambalaya, Two Cheese Potato Soup, and Baked Mashed Potato.

They already have three branches in the metro, one in Retiro, Megamall Atrium, and Robinson's Galleria (cinema level).  Make sure to try this out soon and let me know what you think.

PS: They are also the makers of the Chef Tony's Popcorn.  They sometimes serve popcorn while waiting for your order.


  1. Now im hungry! Nakakagutom! :-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. You should definitely try this! :)

  2. I tried that one time. it's good! I love chef tony's popcorn too.

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. This is my ultimate favorite :) Glad somebody is enjoying this as much as I do.



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