Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Spotlight: Rachel Zoe Spring RTW 2013

I was able to watch one season of the Rachel Zoe Project and it was the one where she launched her own clothing line.  I gotta say, I admire her passion for fashion.  What a great turnaround from being a stylist to a designer.  This gives her work something more tangible and something that can last a long time.

With all the episodes I watched, one can grasp the sense of style that Rachel has.  Even though she was pregnant during the show, she did not lose her fashion identity and this is clearly reflected with the collection she presented for Fashion Week.  From the very first item that came out of the runway, I can definitely see Rachel's work in it.  The color choices, mostly black and white, the hats, statement sunglasses, and bags, are her design aesthetics.

Sharing with you now my favorites from the collection.  Pictures taken from app.

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