Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nail Art: Floral

Over the past days I noticed that my nails turned yellowish.  I think my base coat was to blame for this.  Ack!  It does not look good but I'm suppressing all urges to paint my nails again, just to grow out the yellowish color and until I get a new base coat (any suggestions?).

Then came the answer to my prayers: decals!  I bought this from Clickers Online Shop for only 60 pesos.  It's the perfect solution to have pretty nails without having to apply any nail polish.  In just a few easy steps, you get to have some cool designs on your nails that you can show off.

Applying the decal is easy to do.  Here are the tools that you will need.

First thing to do is to cut up the decals and choose the ones that will fit your nails.  You can cut it into rectangles, it does not matter.  Sobrang sipag lang mag gupit kaya sinundan ko yung shape.  Hahaha!

Dip your cut out in water for about 20 seconds.  The film with the design should come off easily the paper backing.  Press the design down on your nail and find the perfect fit.  I highly recommend that you have a paper towel at hand to pat off the excess water.  You can also use the smooth side of the nail art stick to help press down the design even more.  Sample is shown on the picture below.

My yellow nails I mentioned earlier :(
Wait for it to completely dry to make sure that the design sticks to your nails.  After that, you have to two options.  You can either file the excess design or after applying top coat, roll the excess on a stick.  The design not stuck to the nail will melt after applying top coat (You'll see in the video later).  For this one, I opted to use the nail file.

Tada!  Here is the finished product!  So cool right?  What I liked most about the design I choose was that it looked like a water color painting.  It also looked like real art made with nail polishes.

See the video below to watch a step by step guide on how to place the decal.  Enjoy!

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