Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dress Up 41 -- Kid in Me

Last weekend was my Lola's birthday celebration.  The family decided to throw her a kiddie party instead of the usual lunch or dinner that we have.  We invited all her siblings as well so you can say that the kiddie party turned out to be an adult party (with the exception of my little cousins).  We had a blast playing all the games and getting prizes for winning (stickers, gameboard, huge ballpens, to name a few), all Disney Princess-themed.  Grimace even surprised us with a Gangnam style performance.

Anyway, since it was a kiddie party, I want to dress up the part.  I decided to wear this dress which was very light and a bit big so I shaped it up with a belt.  I think the red belt just pops with the blue.  I just wished I had red flats to go with it.  Not afraid of looking like the Union Jack.  Hahaha!  

Dress: Witchery
Ballet flats: Solemate

Goofing around with the camera :) I was a kid for a day afterall.

Cool red leather bracelet!  Post on my floral nails soon.

I had so much fun being a kid for one day; eating spaghetti, chicken, and ice cream, and playing parlor games.  I think Lola had fun too.  It was certainly a day to remember.

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