Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Din Tai Fung (Singapore)

I was supposed to do a collaboration of all the places we ate in Singapore, like the one I did for Hong Kong food trip.  However, there were a lot of restaurants/food joints that we tried that I felt deserved individual blog posts.

We met with an old friend near Singapore Post Office and rode the free shuttle to 112 Katong (yes, free shuttle service!).  Located in this mall was Din Tai Fung, a restaurant known for it's wide selection of dumplings and tasty, authentic Chinese food.  Most popular for it's xia long bao or steamed soup dumpling, this restaurant can be seen around the world.  From Singapore, to Taiwan, to USA.  It's really topnotch with the cuisine they serve. 

Although traditional food is being served, modernity is incorporated in it's ambiance.  The room is cozy, with tables that can accommodate small or big groups.  I was warned that they easily fill up with customers during lunch and dinner.  Good thing we went there after lunch and there were few diners.  We were ushered to our seats and was offered a basket to place all our bags.  Yey!  No more placing bags on the floor.  We were also immediately offered hot tea as we scan the menu.  We left it to Henson to choose the yummy ones.

Here's what we devoured that day:

Of course, the xia long bao.  I was very excited to try this one!  Although I was able to try one during our Binondo food trip (which I have to tell you about, by the way), it's their bestseller so it has to be good.  Since it's served really hot and there is soup inside, I had to poke it with my chopstick to create a small hole and release some steam.  When I felt it cooled enough, I took my first bite.  Any my oh my, the soup burst into my mouth and it was the most delicious dumpling I ever tasted!

I think this one's called shrimp cake.  We also ordered some spring rolls and thin slices of beef which are served cold.  Not sure why, but it's delicious as well.  Of course, fried rice wouldn't be out of the picture.

The iced tea that we ordered amused me so much!  See that big ball of ice inside?  It's actually frozen iced tea.  As it melts, it keeps your drink cool but at the same time keeps the flavor.  Smart! :)

I was so full after.  We ordered a lot and had to "take away" the rest of what was left.  It was one of the best places to eat.  We also had lots of laugh as BF and Henson caught up with each other.  Good food plus good company, the best combination one could ever have.  Thanks again Henson!

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