Friday, March 30, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Hong Kong Food Trip

Let me share with you our food trip in Hong Kong and Macau through the pictures I have taken.  Enjoy!

McDonald's Ranger Burger: Beef, Sauce, Hashbrown.  Hong Kong has the cheapest Big Mac!
KFC Breakfast Set: Chicken fillet, Egg, Muffin.  I guess they don't serve rice during breakfast :P
Starliner Diner (Disneyland): Chicken Wings.  Ate them with my hands! Yummy!
Aberdeen Fishball and Noodles (Humphrey's Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui): House fried rice, Ground pork, Naicha.  My first milk tea ever since Chowking.  The ground pork was really delicious except it was too oily.
Macau Recipes: Fried rice, Mapo tofu, Lemon Coke.  This drink combination is really popular over there.
From the food court of The Venetian: Curry Udon with pork.  Serving is good enough for two.  I was also surprised that there was a food court inside this hotel.  Well I guess it's because it has a mall too.
Burger King Breakfast Set: Sausage, Egg, Potato, Tomato, Muffin
Food Republic (Plaza Hollywood, New Kowloon): Pork Dumplings with soup.  This costs only HKD20.  Super sulit considering that there were 10 pieces of dumplings.
Dessert: Kachang, Waffle with butter and peanut butter spread in between.
Yoshinoya: Beef Gyudon
Food Republic (Silvercord Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui): Hakaw (shrimp dumpling), Pork with Bean Curd dumpling, Pork Barbecue Buns, Black Currant shake.  We ate here twice! :)
NYF (Victoria Peak): Hotdogs and Fries.  They ran out of bread so they served our hotdogs with fries as well (potato overload!).  They also have fries with different toppings.  You can also make your own dip from the condiments available at the counter.
Looking at all these pictures make me hungry.  Hope you'll find this post useful the next time you visit the city! :)



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