Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Beach Bag Essentials

I joined this online contest from Soak Swimwear wherein I have to submit a photo of the contents of my beach bag.  Since I am still waiting whether I won or not,  I thought of sharing this with my readers.  I know that most of you will be packing your bags and hitting the beach soon.  Hope you'll find my top 10 beach bag essentials useful :)

1. Sunblock.  This should be on the top of your list!  Since most of the time you will be under the harmful rays of the sun, load up on sunblock at least 30 minutes before going out so that your skin will fully absorb the formulation.  Reapply every two hours.  I really love Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock (SPF 36) because it is very light and easy to apply unlike those in lotion formula.

2. Hair Conditioner.  This is a secret that my good friend shared with me.  We all know that our hair tends to get stiff after stepping out of the water.  Applying conditioner, not the leave-on type, after swimming will help smooth out your hair.  This will make showering so much easier.  I tried it during our Bohol trip.  Really effective!

3. Hat.  To protect your hair (and face, if you have a big-rimmed one) from the heat of the sun.  It also doubles up as a fashion accessory.  Look fab on the beach!

4. Sunglasses.  For your eye protection.  Wearing sun glasses will also prevent you from squinting especially when the sun is glaring (no wrinkles!).  Can also double up as your cover when spotting cute boys and girls.  Hahaha!

5. Sarong.  Have this in your bag so that you'll have something to sit on when you get tired of swimming or just simply want to lounge by the beach.

6. Monopoly Deal.  Or any game that is easy to bring.  You can play and bond with your friends while sitting on your sarong :)

7. Lipstick/Lip Balm/Lip Gloss.  Apply when your lip gets dry.  Add a touch of color with your favorite lipstick.

8. Accessories.  If you are the type of girl who just wants to kill time by watching people go by, better do it in style!

9. Coin purse.  So that if you find yourself hungry after all the swimming that you did, you can easily purchase something from the nearest stores.

10. Camera.  Take loads of pictures!!!  Make tons of memories!!!  Get crazy with it.  Make sure you take something back with you that will make you remember the most awesome trip you had (and for something to laugh after because of the poses that you did :P)

Other products in the picture: Soak Swimwear Pleated Maillot, Havaianas slipppers, Terra Nova zebra print bag.

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