Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Selecta Magnum

I've heard about this for quite sometime now.  I saw it trending on Twitter; friends posting about it in Facebook.  My office mates even exchanged our free-cone Friday gelato for it.  So it got me thinking.  What is with this ice cream?

I finally had the chance to try it yesterday and bought two from Rustan's supermarket.  It costs 50 pesos each (60 pesos in 711).  First thought: overpriced!

I got the Classic one and bf got Almond.  There was still one other flavor called Truffle but was not available.  According to the pack, it is made with real Belgian chocolate.  Hmm, interesting.

One bite, and I think I got it.  It really is delicious.  It's like eating Cadbury chocolate.

PS: Sorry I looked like I just woke up.  Went to eat ice cream after a massage.

Overall, I think it is really delicious but expensive for a bar of vanilla ice cream covered in a thin layer of chocolate.  It won't be my go-to ice cream.  I'll just buy a bar of chocolate with 50 pesos.  But it sure is an experience to try :)


  1. mmmm...yummy!!! i've learned about it on twitter!! all the star were posting this, it was trending that time. :)

  2. My shallow pockets say ouch! It's delicious but not with mind-blowing deliciousness to make me buy it again and again for 50 or 55 pesos. I think 30 pesos is the reasonable price for it.

    1. I agree! I tried it because I was curious.

      Thanks for your comment!



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