Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Apple Express Spa

Hey guys!  How are you feeling today?  As for me, I was feeling so stressed last week and I needed a massage. 

I'm no expert when it comes to spa treatments.  I've only tried a few (Zense Taipei, Prana Medispa, Island Spa).  I usually avail of home service massage.  Anyway, last weekend, bf and I decided to try Big Apple Express Spa at the Gateway Mall, Araneta Center (sorry, I don't have pictures).  It is located near LRT Line 2 exit.  We availed of Balinese Full Body Massage (499 pesos) which concentrates more on the back, just what I needed.

First thing to note when entering this branch is that it is small, cramped up in a little space.  Same goes with the room for 2.  The therapists were moving the beds around so that they can get to the best position to massage your body.  Not really ideal for relaxation.

As for the massage itself, it was different from the ones I'm used to.  The therapist first applied pressure using her fingers in specific pressure points on my back.  After several minutes, that's the time that she applied oil.  I think the back massage took about 20-30 mins, concentrating on my shoulders which had the most tension.  After the back, she worked on my arms and legs.  Plus points for me when she asked if she can massage my chest and stomach area (I've experienced one that did not ask permission so imagine my surprise when the therapist started to massage my chest. Haha!).  She also asked if I would like to have my head and face massaged.  Nice!  The whole session took about 50 minutes to complete.  She then offered us hot towels and scrubbed my back with one to remove all the oil.

Overall, I would rate this as 8/10 mainly because of the small space.  Maybe other branches are much bigger.  As for the service, I'm ok with it, nothing really fancy or surprising but it did the job of relieving stress in my shoulders.

For more information of their other services, visit their Facebook page.

Try out their services and let me know what you think by commenting on this post :) Happy weekend!

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