Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 21 -- Minnie!

I was feeling super high after our Disneyland Tour.  I was so psyched when we got our pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie, the most popular Disney characters ever.  I gotta admit, I don't like them that much but I was so excited to see them.

Minnie Mouse was so perky!  She was really playing the part of a girly girl.  Can't get over how cute and malandi her poses were that I instantly fell in love when I saw this shirt.

How cute is that right?  And the color is sooooo nice too! :)  I wish I could have paired this with shorts but I can't since I was going to the office when I wore this.

Shirt: Giordano
Jeggings: Giordano

I also love the shoulder detail.  It gives a sort of maturity to the otherwise youthful vibe of the the shirt.  It's perfect for summer too.

Accessorized with a pair of cranklets that I bought at the night market.  It costs cheaper in HK as compared to what is being sold here.

Back to the shirt.  I learned that Giordano had a tie up with Disney to exclusively produce the Simply Me - Disney Collection.  The collection has a variety of designs for men, women, and kids.  The designs are not limited to shirts only; it also has some for socks, tights, and other accessories.  Sadly, I think this is only available in Hong Kong as I have not seen the collection in a branch here in the Philippines.  Hopefully, they can do international shipping for those of you interested to get one :)

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  1. nice naman Trin! where's our "pasalubongs"?? LOL!



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