Monday, February 20, 2012

Gotta Love: NYX Round Lipstick

I have become a make up fanatic.  Before, I am just a lipgloss/lip balm kind of girl, but now, I have renewed my love for lipsticks.  This will be a 3-part blog to show you me and my sister's NYX Lipsticks collection.

Let me first give you a background regarding NYX cosmetics.  It was named after the Greek goddess of the night.  It was founded in 1999 with the goal of creating affordable cosmetics without sacrificing quality.  And they achieved their goal.

Presenting NYX Round Lipsticks.  The formula is mineral-based, and each stroke gives off a heavy pigmented color.  The color lasts for a long time on your lips.  It comes in 144 shades.  The best thing about it: it costs 120 pesos only!!! 

I have here 9 shades all bought from Digital Traincase and Beauty and the Geeks arranged from the oldest to the newest ones.

PS: Color may vary due to the different camera settings.  First pictures were taken outside with flash, the rest were indoors.  Also, my lips are not that pinkish so that may affect color as well.  I added a swatch to help see the colors.  PM me or comment should you have any questions :)

This was the very first one that we had and it is called Paris.  Look how battered it is :P
This one is called Lala.  It has a more violet shade and is the darkest one I have.  
Spell Bound.  One of the shades I use everyday.
Haute Coutour.  From here on are the new ones that I recently bought.  This color is a bit glittery.
Chambord.  This is more of an orange base and has a bit of glitters.
That is all for my round lipstick collection.  More colors can be found here.  Stay tuned for more posts on NYX in the coming days! :)

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