Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 22 -- Sapphire

There was a time when I was absolutely addicted to Prince William and anything related to British Monarchy (well, mostly Wills).  I love the late Princess Diana; what she stood for and her fashion sense that I even call her my mother-in-law.  Ok, I'm still in denial that William got married.

Anyway, the dress that I wore absolutely reminded me of Princess Di's engagement ring and Kate Middleton's (ahem, KM, ahem) dress.

Blue Chiffon Dress: H&M
Black Suede Pumps: Figlia
There was a resemblance in the color, right?  Sige na, maipilit lang. Hahaha!  Paired the dress with my cute necklace from Forever 21 and gold bangles from Parfois.  The pink and jade bangle I bought from Hong Kong.

And so it was definitely a princess moment for me even though I don't have a man beside me (in the picture) and a ring on my finger.  But behind the scenes, I was Cinderella.  Since my "photographer" went on vacation, I took the pictures alone with my tripod.  I was setting the cam then running to pose in front of it just in time for the shot (really need to buy that remote).  Talk about passion for fashion!  Anyway, she's now back and I already have someone to help me.  Yey!!!

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