Monday, April 9, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 25 -- Blue Again

My aunt from Australia came home a few weeks ago and gave us fabulous clothes.  (Thanks, super!)  She is a store manager for a clothing brand in Sydney.  Her work requires her to dress up but Mom says she has a great fashion sense ever since her teenage years.  Well, I could really use some inspiration.  

Here's another blue outfit.  I think this color fits me well.  And again, I'm obsessed with bandage skirts.  See my previous posts wearing skirts here and here.

Top: Witchery
Mullet tops and skirts are so in right now (I'm not a fan of it as a hairstyle).  I like how my skirt peeps through my top.  The print is just enough to balance the plainness of my shirt. 

Since it's so hot recently, I was not in the mood to walk in high heels (Home --> MRT --> Shuttle --> Overpass).  I opted to wear flats instead.  Much more comfortable and fits my outfit well.

Flats: New Look
To spice up my outfit just a little bit, I wore this black beaded necklace that I got for free with a blouse that I bought from Hong Kong.

Hope you like my look! :)

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