Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy: Sandwicheese

My sister introduced us to this quaint little cafe along Katipunan beside the original Banapple branch.  It's called Sandwicheese, and based from their name, they specialize in sandwiches with lots and lots of cheese on top.

Upon entering the shop, you'll be greeted with the same ambiance as its sister Banapple.  The place is cozy but small that can fit only about 20 people (comfortably).  They have cute interiors and has a display of different bread-inspired frames.

You can see their kitchen from behind the counter
And now for the food.  The price ranges from about 120 to 170 pesos.  The fillings are mostly meat but they also have selections of fish and veggies.  The sandwiches are big, perfect for the hungry (like us!)  Here's what we ordered.

House Salad.  It has penne, cheese, dressing, and lettuce.  It's good and refreshing as it is served cold.  Good choice for appetizer.

Drippin' Roast Beef.  As what the name suggests, the filling is made of strips of tender beef which has a lot of sauce.  It also has some caramelized onions.

Cheesy Roast Beef.  Also made with strips of tender beef and caramelized onions but instead of sauce, it has pimiento inside.

Hickory Shredded Pork.  This sandwich has a more smokey and barbecue flavor than the roast beef.  The pork is tender as well and the sauce is a bit sweet.

Chili Frankfurter.  Made with sausage that is topped with bolognese. It has a bit of strong aroma because of the chili.

Seasoned Fries and Crinkle Cut Fries.  Chunky potato portions served with cheese and ketchup.  The seasoned fries is served with blue cheese.  The other one was garlic cream cheese.  I personally am not a fan of the seasoned fries. The flavor was too strong for me but my sister loved it.

Banapple Brewed Iced Tea

As for my rating, the food was really delicious and very satisfying.  It was something new to the palate.  Maybe because they also use corn meal bread for the sandwiches, if I remember correctly.  Added bonus that they put lots of cheese on it because I love anything salty.  I just wished they had more space so that more people can eat in. 

So next time you find yourself around the area, stop by this place.  It's definitely worth a try :)

Good day yo, Sandwicheese! 

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