Monday, April 23, 2012

Gotta Love: Dress Up 28 -- Sundress

Hi everyone!  Had a lot of things prioritized this week which prevented me to update my blog.  But I'm still here! 

Can't stress enough how it has been so hot lately.  Mr. Sun is really doing his job.  And so sundresses are our best friend now ladies.  These dresses had to be lightweight and not too fitting to make moving around easy during this uncomfortable weather.  Hope you like what I wore :)

Again, mullet cuts are so popular right now.  I really like this cut, especially for dresses.  It makes life easier for girls with big behinds like me.  No more awkward moments when you have to bend over especially when riding a car.  See my other post for the mullet top I had.

Printed dress: Witchery
I opted to wear my nude pumps so as not to take away the focus on the dress.  I just love the print and color.  I'm also crazy about this necklace that I wore.  It just goes perfectly with the dress.  The chunkiness of the necklace balanced off the flowy dress.  And the colors match! 

Necklace: Witchery



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